The Importance of Data Collection To Improve Business Intelligence

Marketing blindly is impossible without data. What can you do to reach your target audience by simply hoping? A lot of businesses store customer information electronically, but don’t know how to best use that information for analysis. We can help companies get back on track with our professional advice.

What is the reason Data Collection so Important

The information you gather about customers could be used to build a database for future marketing and targeting campaigns. This information saves money, since it reduces the expense to have an inefficient system. Furthermore, it gives insight into what these people collectively are.

Don’t waste money or time on marketing that’s not specific. This lets you focus your message and increase ROI for every campaign dollar. Make sure you connect with people that are interested in your business rather than casting a “wide net” over the entire field to find those whose interests may resemble yours.

Digital data collection provides a larger sample size and greater reliability than in person collection. It costs less, is faster to process, removes any human error in the data taken and does not require you be present when asking questions of people who may not want their answers recorded when it’s not necessary.

What’s in It for the consumer?

If a business requests an email address, customers are less likely to provide the information unless they stand to gain from it. Offers of coupons or discounts can be helpful when you’re certain of the way your data will be used. Let’s take for example the following scenario: I would like my information to help cloth diapers. Your tone should be professional and yet friendly. You can also offer incentives like gifts or donations to charitable organizations.

It is essential that individuals know exactly what will be used with their personal information whenever they’re asked to share it. For instance, if you were to ask me for contact details like your name and email address, but not intending to use them yourself, simply replying “We will not sell or trade your information” because the majority of people today want this type business communication.

What Should You Collect?

Innovative Advertising created a customized interactive kiosk that collects guestbook information for tourism companies. This unique advertising tool was created to assist marketers in gathering important visitor information, such as email addresses or names that can then be used to create targeted marketing campaigns that aim at attracting more tourists to your destination.

What can you do with the information you collect?

The information you gather about your audience will aid you in making better marketing decisions. You may be able to segment your audience in order to provide them with relevant content and offers that they will enjoy. This can help cut down on wasted time spent on useless campaigns.

Importing your list into social networks allows you to not only see more details about your prospects, but also allows the creation of customized audiences as well as similar audiences. This is a great way to target individuals with higher qualifications.

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