Sadaqah Jariyah: Charity In Islam

Islam is a way of teaching us that there are various ways to earn rewards and to give. One way is with sadaqah-jariyah , an act of charity that pays back even after the reward has been received. For example, if you plant seeds for planting trees, once they have grown enough, they’ll provide shade during hot summer days and help to keep warm in winter. This means that your charitable acts won’t stop at just one moment in time, but will continue for a long time as their fruit gives us nourishment for a long time beyond our lifetime.

Jariyah is a term used to describe charity Jariyah means charity in Arabic. There are many kinds and types of jiraiya’s to donate to. Here are five ways we would suggest that you participate in this kind of giving.

The sponsorship of an orphan or a child

Today, there are millions of children in the world that have been denied an education and even more who do not have the necessary skills for success. This is a shame as many of them will not even realize what they’ve been missing. Let us help them achieve their goals by offering high-quality early childhood programs that allow every child to learn how valuable knowledge is , and to be able to appreciate the different perspectives.

It is imperative that we all work together in order to ensure that our children’s generation are better off than those of us currently.

Contributions of individuals to their future generations are often not considered. But it can aid in ensuring prosperity and success for everyone. By sponsoring a child you ensure they will have access to a quality education that will equip them with vital capabilities should they choose the same path in later life’s journey. This will make the impact of your sponsorship far-reaching than just those who receive assistance through Child Sponsorship Programs.

Education / Skills/ Teaching / Spreading Awareness Of Islam

Islam is a religion that rewards knowledge spreaders. As Muslims are, we must take a responsibility towards the world around us and to draw people to join this faith by providing accurate information so that they can also reap the advantages of connecting with God through prayer, etc. Ensuring that someone knows how to read the Holy Quran is read brings you a reward even when you pass away. Every time your child repeats or teaches someone else their mantra, you both will be benefiting. Be a good person instead of just passing away someday.

The construction of a water Well

Imagine living in a place without drinking water that is safe to drink. It’s already difficult to obtain the most basic necessities to live a normal life, but what would happen when you didn’t have it? It would be impossible to perform your daily activities and maintain good hygiene practices (think healthcare). It is even more challenging when you consider the fact that many of the developing nations don’t have enough resources. They rely heavily on international aid which often has little reward beyond fame and appreciation.

Participating in the construction of the construction of Mosque or School, or Hospital

A lot of religious people opt giving to mosques and schools to benefit from the benefits. You may also donate your cash and time to accomplish goals such as the construction of an orphanage. This is done in behalf of others who benefit from these generosity efforts; this is one example among others that show how giving back makes you feel more rewarded than if you were to buy something with all the prayers.

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