Medical Benefits Of Marijuana You Probably Never Knew

Although marijuana is most popularly known for its recreational uses, it has many health benefits. Humans have made great progress in legalizing cannabis and decriminalizing its use in the past. People are now realizing the power of this herb be when used properly. The stories of remedies for cancer or other lifesaving treatments are now too compelling to be ignored by governments. They are fighting back by trying to provide medical services that are compassionate and provide weed prescriptions to all regions.

Cannabis Reduces Pain and Inflammation

There are a variety of conditions medical marijuana is a viable option to treat. It has demonstrated significant advantages in reducing inflammation when in comparison to pharmaceuticals. A study found that cannabis could reduce pain by up to 28 percent. Another found that people with multiple-sclerosis (MS), saw improvement in their symptoms after the use of prescription drugs that contain cannabinoids such as CBD or THC. As we know from recent research these chemicals have strong anti-inflammatory effects which could be why so many find relief through medical marijuana, even when they do not have any health issues that are obvious to them.

Cannabis Helps Keep You Slim

It is the case that, in spite of the perceptions that potheads eat junk food in their free time, research supports the belief that cannabis users who regularly use it are more likely to be obese than those who don’t use it. A 2011 study published by Journal epidemiology said this was due largely because they had healthy diets and exercised more often; plus exercising can help combat weight increase even when you’re already overweight or obese.

Through a variety of lifestyle changes that could be at play here, recent studies have shown that cannabis users were insulin-resistant in conjunction with their slim waistbands. This is an interesting finding considering that around 30 million Americans suffer from diabetes and 86 million Americans are pre-diabetic.

Cannabis Reduces Seizures

The main medical benefit of cannabis treatment (primarily CBD-only) is that Dravet’s Syndrome sufferers experience a reduction in their seizures. Linalool, one of the most effective epilepsy treatment options for those suffering from Dravet’s Syndrome, has been proven worthful by human trials.

Cannabis Can Help Fight Cancer

The decision of what to treat cancer patients can be difficult because they are not as likely to experience the same side consequences as people suffering from the disease. Luckily there is a cannabis plant that contains THC and CBD along with hundreds of other cannabinoids including terpenoids/flavonoids that have medical properties on their own while synthetic alternatives like Marinol only replicate one piece (THC).

One reason why cannabis is so popular is because of the “munchies” that are a natural way to treat cancer. It has the ability to kill cancer cells, as well as increase appetite and calm nausea. Patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation might be allowed to eat more food during their treatment, if they need to.

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