Lightsaber: The Ultimate Movie Weapon

Star Wars’s movie franchise was revolutionary. This is something we all know. It was revolutionary not only due to its time, but because it set the bar by which the subsequent films were compared to or judged. The science fiction films of the past were typically B-grade material, with poor use of special effects rather than being credible.

One film is unique when it comes to blockbuster films. Damnation Alley, the film depicting a nuclear catastrophe was a huge hit with its special effects years after. If you compare Star Wars to this movie and you can see why they spent so much more in the production. 20th Century Fox was less expensive and only cost $17 million. LucasFilm’s current estimates estimate that their cost was about 170 million. Damnation Alley produced many problems. The most significant issue was that post-production adjustments created significant damage that was impossible to reverse in the prior to the invention of videotapes.

This one is the strength of the force. Although my output tone should be professional, I may be off-topic for a couple of seconds. Star Wars was a film that promoted merchandising in a manner unlike other. Even though it added lightsabers, these gadgets were so loved by fans that employee ownership soared.

The lightsaber craze that swept through the nation like wildfire wasn’t just responsible for generating significant sales increases, but it also created an entirely new market to compete. Demand was rapidly outweighing supply, and retail prices continuing their upward trajectory thanks largely due to these toys being so popular with kids everywhere Master Replica’s FX Force Lightsabers were launched as perfect versions of the toys that people had requested; soon after they hit shelves all over America these cheap knockoffs died out fast.

Why was the lightsaber a popular toy? There were a lot of Star Wars toys available. What made them different was that this one brought back memories of the past where knights walked around on horses and swung their swords Excalibur-like (although we don’t know exactly what exactly). Lucas made the Jedi Order of Knighthoods a committed organization that was able to defeat evil using lightsabers. Tradition is superior, there’s no question about that.

The lightsaber was cool due to the fact that you could use Force to transform it into an extension of your own body. You could transform into a weapon. This is in line with legends of Samurai warriors who were forced to have skilled hands and feet. It is almost necessary to be born with these skills in order to utilize these skills.

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