Does Deer Antler Velvet Work?

Imagine returning home to discover that your deer has new antlers. They appear fuzzy and soft, just like their name suggests. They are “velvet blades” are only seen in male deer. They develop once a year after they shed their previous ones. Do not let anyone fool you into thinking that a newborn animal, or buck, hasn’t shed its old set (or tusks). The reason that velvet-like marks are found is not solely because of biology, but also because bucks aren’t required to fight with males for territory/matehood rights. This is the kind of thing we’d like to see.

It’s not because he can’t compete anymore that a buck loses its antlers. This is a result of mating with females during deer season. They shed their weaponry from December through March and then start growing velvet ones. This provides nutrients which allows for faster growth.

The document, which dates back 2000 years ago states that velvet made from deer antler has medicinal benefits. Traditional Chinese medicine continues to use it to this day as their most vital drug. It focuses on every kind of disease and ailments. Ginseng’s main function in Asian tradition is the recovery of strength.

The high amount of hormone-like substances in velvet from deer could be a potential candidate for anti-inflammatory effects. Recent research has demonstrated that the hormone-like chemicals in the velvet of deer antler could be affecting immune function and blood pressure. The anatomy of deer bears unique features, including the sharp cartilage plates which run along their forelegs. These are believed to protect against predators, as they go through the trees and bushes at speeds. However, they can be used by a person who has just one swipe to demonstrate their point.

Antlers from deer have been proven to aid in arthritis. It may also be related to the anti-inflammatory qualities it has. A quick search on the internet for “deer velvet arthritis” will reveal how widely it’s used as a treatment option and many supplement companies may try to make money by advertising their products under pretenses because they know customers want something efficient, but there’s much research to support why these works or what happens when one takes them.

Antler velvet offers many advantages. It’s clear why so many people want to own a piece. Many believe that the stimulant properties of antler velvet can improve mental clarity and boost your immune system, and others claim to have seen an increase in the amount of libido. However, all of this has not been confirmed scientifically.

Although it might be difficult to locate, certain stores sell velvet deer antlers. These hard white chips can be used in a variety of ways, including tea leaves and capsules. You can enjoy your time with these magnificent creatures in many different ways. We’ll need to talk more about how they work before getting into the details of where you can find them if you were strolling through the streets during lunch.

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