7 Tips for Fundraising in the Peace and Conflict Zones

Peace and conflict can have an impact on fundraising efforts. With millions of people suffering from conflicts around the world, your fundraising efforts will be appreciated by those who need it most. Your fundraiser can raise money for humanitarian aid, help the displaced become financially stable, and empower those who are affected by war to stand up for themselves and their communities. Here are seven tips for fundraising in peace and conflict resolution:

Consider the interests of the community you want to serve. For those who are involved in fundraising in conflict zones, make sure that your fundraiser will not negatively affect the local groups in terms of how their fundraising efforts are viewed by the local population. Consider donating products that will not negatively impact the group you are soliciting funds from. Go for water-based products such as hand soaks and mineral water, which are often donated in conflict areas.

Think about how your fundraiser will benefit the people in the conflict zone. What are the needs of the local population? If you are collecting funds for a school in a conflict zone, think about what type of programs the students and teachers of the school can benefit from, such as after-school programs. Establishing relationships with the students and teachers of the local school will also give you access to students who may wish to donate to your fundraiser. If you are fundraising for a church in a particular area, ask the leaders of the church to participate in the fundraising campaign so they will know exactly how the proceeds will be used and advertised to the people living in the conflict zone.

Do not focus all of your attention on the monetary aspects of your fundraiser. While the funds you collect will certainly help in your fundraising efforts, your fundraiser should not take center stage. There is a big emotional element that should not be overlooked when raising money in conflict zones. Your goal as a fundraiser is to raise funds for a cause that is worthy of your giving time and effort.

A good tip for fundraising in the peace and conflict zone is to offer not only gifts to those living in the conflict area but also to those outside the area. When you are fundraising in the conflict zone, consider raising money for the children who live in the area. This will demonstrate your true concern for their lives and well-being. You can easily become identified as a person who is providing funds for the children and, by doing so, may find yourself becoming a wanted person in the community.

Consider organizing a car wash or yard sale for any loose change you can gather up at the conflict zone. This will not only provide funds for the fundraisers you are doing in the conflict zone, but will show the people you are there to provide for their basic needs. As you begin your fundraising efforts, it will be important to be aware of the local laws on donating to charity and ensure that all charitable contributions follow the appropriate guidelines. By following these simple tips for fundraising in the peace and conflict zone, you can be assured that your efforts will be well appreciated.